COVID-19 Death Tracking App

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An R Shiny app designed for my family to track a single metric and to promote data literacy by including explanatory text with the data visualizations.

Jeremy Allen
Top distinguishing words in men's and women's Christian-Living book descriptions

Figure 1: Top distinguishing words in men’s and women’s Christian-Living book descriptions

I made this R Shiny app for my family to track a single metric. To promote data literacy, I included explanatory text with the data visualizations. CSS flexbox controls the layout, so the app works on mobile devices well.

The main visualization is an animated chart I created with the plotly package for R. Plotly for R enables interactive javascript-based visuals. I chose this for the main data visual in order to make obvious when the coronavirus is spreading exponentially and when it is not.

The image above is just a screenshot. Go check out the app at


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